How To Use A Fitbit (And Actually Get Results)

Wellworks For You fitness experts share how to use a Fitbit to actually get the best results.

If you are like many Fitbit owners, you probably purchased your tool with visions of the many ways it would change your life.  Meeting fitness goals, tracking your sleep and making improvements, and feeling better each day, thanks to that band on your wrist…  However, if you don’t really know how to use a Fitbit properly, you may find yourself disappointed and disenchanted.  At Wellworks For You, we believe that everyone can and should be getting the most out of their Fitbit, so we have compiled the following list of the best tips to help you learn how to use a Fitbit and get the most out of your tracking tool.  how to use a fitbit

  • Get Started On The Right Wrist. Fitbits can provide incredibly accurate data when used properly.  One of the most important– easiest–adjustments you can make is to ensure that your system is set up for the tracker to be on the correct wrist.  It doesn’t matter whether you prefer it on your dominant hand or not.  Simply go into Account on the phone app, and select your tracker’s Wrist option.  There, you can choose whether you will be wearing it on your dominant or non-dominant hand which will adjust the sensitivity accordingly.  Then, make sure to sync your tracker to finalize these changes.
  • Get More Sensitive Sleep Tracking. Most Fitbits are capable of monitoring your sleep, which is an important but often overlooked area of overall wellness.  To get the best possible results, you can switch your sleep sensitivity in advanced settings from normal to sensitive.  Although normal will record significant movements like rolling over, sensitive will pick up far more movements, offering a much more detailed assessment of your sleep situation, allowing you to make more informed changes.
  • Get Exercise and Nutrition Apps. Finally, there are almost endless compatible Fitbit apps, including many which focus on exercise and nutrition.  For example, with Wellworks For You, you can sync your Fitbit with our Wellness Portal and go on virtual hikes through a number of exciting scenes.  Others may allow you to track your food choices simply by scanning barcodes. With apps that provide motivation, assessment, and data collection, you have a wide array of ways to make your Fitbit into your personalized wellness coach.

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