3 Employee Wellness Challenge Ideas

Employee wellness challenges are a classic win-win.

They’re beneficial to employees. Health challenges offer an opportunity to implement healthy activity and habits into the routines of people who might not have the time, energy, or resources to pursue them in their free time.

employee wellness challenge ideasThey’re beneficial to employers. They’re proven to increase productivity, encourage teamwork, and raise morale.

They’re also beneficial to workplaces, creating a positive culture of company wellness. Win-win, right? If you’re ready to create a more healthy, more productive workplace, consider incorporating these corporate employee wellness challenge ideas into your office program.

Top 3 Challenges To Try!

If you want to see the benefits of
employee wellness challenges in your office but don’t know where to start, these three popular employee wellness challenges have been proven to produce great results.

  1. Walking-Step Challenge
    Simply distribute pedometers to your employees, set your daily, weekly, and monthly goals, and start walking! Pedometer walking challenges encourage employees to incorporate increased activity into their daily lives and accomplish personalized goals.
  2. Weight Loss Competition
    Want to lighten up your workplace a bit? It might help to enable your employees to get a little lighter themselves. Creating an incentive competition to see who can lose weight and accomplish their target healthy body weight introduces friendly competition into your office and encourages employees to make the positive changes that they often need extra motivation to achieve.
  3. Personalized Healthy Eating Challenge
    Use health coaching or the personalized features on choosemyplate.gov to create an individual eating plan for better health; compete to see who can best achieve their designated eating goals.

Implementing these three popular employee wellness challenge ideas can help turn your workplace into a healthier, more positive, more productive environment. And if you want expert help introducing these effective healthy–as well as many more–Wellworks For You is here to help. We specialize in corporate wellness programs such as these, and we’d be glad to help transform your workplace into a healthier place to work.