Great Workplace Wellness Ideas

If you have a workplace wellness program in your office, you probably want to keep your employees engaged and involved. Sometimes it takes some creativity and planning to make a wellness program seem exciting and interesting. You could start by taking a poll of your employees and finding out what kinds of wellness incentives or challenges they might be interested in. You won’t be able to make everyone happy, but you can come up with some workplace wellness ideas based on their feedback. If your employees know that you are taking their opinions into consideration, they will be much more likely to participate.workplace wellness ideas

Choose a few workplace wellness ideas from different categories to give some much needed variety to your program. Use ideas from the categories of physical activity, nutrition, stress management, bad habits, and program support. Physical activities can include walking challenges, stairwell challenges, team challengers, and starting different physical activity clubs. Some of your employees may enjoy different physical activities like biking, running, or dancing. Encourage them to form a club and report on their progress. Doing things as a group can often provide support and motivation to each individual.

Nutrition workplace wellness ideas could include eating more healthy, getting healthier foods in work vending machines, an employee cookbook with favorite recipes. One great workplace wellness idea would be to invest in starting an office vegetable garden. The stress management category could include ideas like tracking your sleep, bringing in a chair massage at lunch time, mandatory breaks during the work day, and even encouraging messages. If you take the time to come up with some good workplace wellness ideas and then make them happen, you will see much more employee engagement and satisfaction. For more workplace wellness ideas, contact Wellworks. We can help you create a successful corporate wellness program.

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