Quit For Good With Online Smoking Cessation Programs

Online Smoking Cessation Programs with Personalized Pathways

In this day and age, when everything from bill paying to grocery shopping can be done online, it only makes sense that you can quit smoking online too. Successful smoking cessation programs offer support groups, feature forums for former and current abstaining smokers can trade encouragement and advice. Hearing “quitting success stories” significantly helps others who are trying to kick the habit.

Smartphone apps can track your success and even send you supportive texts throughout the day. Online smoking cessation programs can also offer personalized plans, free e-books, podcasts, and many more tools and resources to help employees quit smoking. Below is a sample of smoking cessation resources included in our online program.

Top Tips To Quit Smoking Online

  • Identify and Beat Triggers – When do you most crave a cigarette? First thing in the morning? With coffee? While driving? When you recognize your triggers, you can either avoid them, or redirect your cravings at that moment.
  • Have a Plan, But Don’t Get Discouraged – Pick a “quit date” and stick to it. Plan rewards for milestones like two days, one week, or a whole month smoke free. Many people make several attempts before quitting for good. It’s ok. Just start over.
  • Surround Yourself With Support – This is probably the most important bit of advice when it comes to online smoking cessation programs and other similar methods that encourage discontinuing smoking. Try enlisting a friend who smokes to quit with you. Tell your friends and family about your decision so that they can support and celebrate your success with you.

When it comes to quitting smoking, there’s no time like the present. For more information about smoking cessation programs, contact Wellworks For You today at 800-425-4657.