3 Creative Lunch And Learn Ideas For Wellness

A corporate Lunch And Learn can be a great way to incorporate wellness into the daily schedule at your office.  However, the key to a successful program is engagement.  So, you need creative Lunch And Learn ideas for wellness that will actually get your team excited!  At Wellworks For You, we know that this can be a challenge for many corporate wellness programs.  So, we want to help with three of our top Lunch And Learn ideas for wellness.lunch and learn ideas for wellness

  • Stress Management
    One of the most overlooked areas of health and wellness is mental health.  However, stress and other mental health challenges can take a major toll on your employees’ overall wellness.  Bring in someone who can teach great stress and time management skills and you will see a visible change in the atmosphere in the office as these tools get put to use.
  • Get Fit (At Your Desk)
    Everyone knows that exercise is essential for overall health.  Of course, there is still work to be done, and that stress often keeps employees desk-bound.  A corporate Lunch And Learn focused on physical activities or stretches that can be done at the desk will provide the much-needed strategies to break free of many of the downsides of sedentary time spent at the desk. When your whole team learns these techniques together, everyone will benefit from the collaborative effort to break the bonds of immobility.
  • Seasonal Sessions
    Finally, each change of the season creates the opportunity for a newly relevant corporate Lunch And Learn.  Focus on exercises or recipes that reflect the new season, as well as safety techniques.  From sun safety in the summer to creative indoor fitness techniques for the winter, there are almost endless topics to cover.  These sessions have the added benefit of tapping into the preexisting excitement about seasonal changes, upping the level of engagement.

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