How to Immediately Lower Your Blood Pressure: 5 Simple Steps

We all have those moments where we feel our blood pressure rise—whether from stress, anger, anxiety, frustration or something else.

It’s important to know how to immediately lower your blood pressure in those situations, so let’s look at a few ways to do so!

First, do you know what blood pressure is? Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood circulating in your body. It’s closely related to the force and rate of your heartbeat and the size of your arteries. It is measured by the systolic number (top number and usually the higher number) which measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats. The diastolic number (bottom number and usually the lower number) measures the pressure in the arteries between heartbeats. Just for a benchmark, a normal range reading is 120 over 80.

5 Tips on How to Immediately Lower Blood Pressure

If blood pressure rises above 140 or higher over 90 or higher, you don’t have the luxury of waiting: you need ways to bring blood pressure down immediately.

Here are 5 immediate solutions to lower blood pressure:

  1. how to Lower your Blood PressureBreathe, just breathe. This is a pretty simple one! If you are stressed and feel your blood pressure rising you can take a few deep, slow breaths. Relax your body, sit with your eyes closed, and simply concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in and breathe out, counting to five as you inhale and exhale slowly. If you do this for a few minutes, you’ll feel your blood pressure come down.
  2. Listen to music. Listening to a favorite song will improve your mental state and will take your mind off of whatever is causing blood pressure to rise. If you need to, play that favorite song on repeat until you feel calm again.
  3. Catch some rays. The sun puts everyone in a good mood and exposure to sunlight could change the amount of nitric oxide in the skin and blood which will reduce your blood pressure.
  4. Talk to someone. Sometimes talking to a supportive person about what is bothering you can help reduce stress and frustration. Venting is an easy and quick way to get whatever it is out.
  5. Go for a walk. In times of frustration or anger a quick activity break can do wonders. Go for a short walk to diffuse the situation and catch your breath. Even though walking can get your heart rate up, when your blood pressure is high due to frustration or stress, mild activity can actually lower pressure by taking your mind off stress factors.

Preventative High Blood Pressure Practices

As an employer, did you know that you have the power to help reduce high blood pressure for employees? By offering a comprehensive wellness program that incorporates preventative health screenings, risk assessment tools, dietary and nutrition information and activities, health coaching and more, employees will have both preventative and action-based solutions to call upon for reducing high blood pressure.

At Wellworks For You, we’ve designed the following programs to help keep employees informed of health risks, empowered with fitness and nutrition options and more, including:

  • Onsite preventative health screenings
  • Know Your Number health risk assessment tool
  • Wellness portal with heart-healthy recipes and shopping lists

For more tips on how to immediately lower blood pressure, contact us today, 800-425-4657. Our mission is to help you and your team live well.

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