Great Employee Wellness Program Examples

Wellworks is proud to provide our clients with excellent employee wellness program examples that can help boost your corporate wellness program. Our partnership will always be a cooperative process, but as the experts, we have lots of resources and suggestions for your benefit. Corporate wellness programs have a proven track record, are a great investment, and will benefit you and your employees. We will provide you with all the resources and support that you need to design and format your corporate wellness program.employee wellness program examples

One employee wellness program example is our health coaching component. Each employee can have their own health coach to help motivate and inspire them throughout the program. Health coaches are also a great educational and informational resource for everyone.

Another employee wellness program example is our corporate lunch and learns. These provide an opportunity for employees to gather together, enjoy lunch, and learn about a more balanced lifestyle. A variety of topics and speakers are available. This component of corporate wellness programs always has high reviews.

Some other employee wellness program examples include:

  • Newsletters and bulletins

  • Smoking cessation program

  • Wellness challenges

  • Wellness rewards or incentives

  • Assessments for important medical information

  • Comprehensive reporting methods

Those are just some of the aspects of the corporate wellness program that you could have. We have free resources available on our site for current and potential clients.

If you’re interested in investing in your own corporate wellness program, contact us. Your employees will thank you and you will save money on healthcare for everyone in the long run. We began our company with the goal of helping employers implement their own comprehensive wellness program. Healthy bodies and healthy minds are always the goal inside and outside the workplace. We will help you get your employees engaged and active in the program. We look forward to connecting with you.

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