A Better Way to Do Corporate Wellness Tracking

At Wellworks For You, we know that getting employees, or even company leadership, on board with the idea of corporate wellness isn’t the hard part.  Everyone loves the idea of living better, feeling better, and saving money along the way.  However, one major challenge faced by many companies interested in instituting such a program is effective corporate wellness tracking.  How are you going to measure, report, and celebrate the results of your new program?  Not only do you want to keep track of your return on investment, but you also need to know what adjustments need to be made as the program progresses.  Effectively tracking your corporate wellness program is imperative for its continued success.

Corporate Wellness Tracking

Of course, there are a number of challenges that a good corporate wellness tracking system must address.  First and foremost, you need to protect employee’s rights to privacy and remain HIPAA compliant while you gather data.  Your tracking system should also have an interactive, easy to use, and customizable system to gather information at every stage of the program.  With this program, you need to be measuring more than participation, so make sure it is set up to process several levels of data.  Finally, professional analysis should be a part of your tracking and reporting process.  You can gather the data, but it is important to have a qualified corporate wellness professional to help you assess the results.


The team at Wellworks For You has taken all of these factors into account when designing our unique corporate wellness tracking platform into account.  Track participation, incentives, qualitative changes, and more all in one, fully customizable wellness portal.  Additionally, with this system, you can work with our highly trained corporate wellness specialists to make sure that you are tracking all of the necessary aspects and then analyzing them fully.

For more information about how Wellworks For You can help your company track your journey to wellness, contact us today at 800-425-4657.

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