5 Corporate Wellness Tips For A Healthier Spring

Spring into good health with these inspiring corporate wellness tips from Wellworks For You.

As spring unfolds, corporate wellness tips begin popping up like daffodils.  It feels like the whole world is waking up and shaking off the hibernation of a long winter.  At Wellworks For You, we think this is one of the best times to embrace the energy of the season and begin making positive changes toward better health and wellness.  Get started with these five fun corporate wellness tips that tap into Spring fever!

  • Start Spring Training. Everyone starts to get a little more antsy as Springtime unfolds.  Rather than trying to suppress your urge to go run around in the green grass, put it to work! As the weather gets warmer, sign-ups will open up for a number of different races.  Why not put together a team or two at the office?  This gives you a goal to work towards as well as the motivation and support of teammates working toward the same goal.  It will also give you a productive outlet for all of that extra Spring energy.
  • Take Spring Cleaning To The Break Room. Spring cleaning isn’t just for dusting the cupboards at home.  Instead, take this transitional time as an opportunity to assess the break room or anywhere else that food is available.  In addition to cleaning out any old food, evaluate what you have here.  Are there healthy options available, or is junk food the only choice when you reach for an afternoon snack?   Together, commit to restocking with fresh fruits and other healthy snacks.
  • Find An Outdoor Service Site. As the snow melts away, many areas that need cleaning or maintenance are revealed.  Find a local park or other outdoor area that could use some spring cleaning or restoration.  As a team, enjoy the warm weather and the opportunity to get moving while doing a good turn for the neighborhood.  Not only does a project like this build community within your company and your town, but it also gives you a chance to take in the healthy benefits of fresh air after a winter of being cooped up inside.  
  • Reflect On New Beginnings.  Although we often make resolutions in January, springtime may be a more natural season to reflect on our current wellness and make positive steps toward change.  As the weather shifts and provides increasing opportunities to eat fresh food and exercise outdoors, you may find the added motivation to stick with health and wellness goals.  Embrace the longer days and inspiring seasonal changes around you!
  • Lighten Up.  Stress and stress management is an area of wellness that can affect our overall health just as much as diet and exercise.  Take the time to tune into your own patterns of thought and stress.  What’s got you worried?  How do you deal with the inevitable stress of a fast paced work environment?  Does that help or hinder the situation?  After you’ve spent some time on assessment, pick one new stress management technique to try this spring.    

More Corporate Wellness Tips

Wellness is not just a seasonal fad; it is about making lasting lifestyle decisions.  Once you get started with these fun ideas, call a Wellworks For You representative.  In addition to more corporate wellness tips, our corporate wellness experts can help you and your business make long term changes for better health and wellness.  Check out our blog or give us a call today at 800.425.4657.

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