3 Ways NOT To Promote Health And Wellness In The Workplace

Wellworks For You can help you to avoid the worst mistakes of promoting health and wellness in the workplace today.

It’s no secret that promoting health and wellness in the workplace can have a positive impact on your business.  From improving employee morale and loyalty to decreasing healthcare costs, it often seems that there is no way to lose.  But did you know that all of those benefits are dependent upon promoting corporate wellness the right way?

At Wellworks For You, we’ve done the research and discovered what works and what doesn’t when it comes to health and wellness in the workplace.  Take a moment to find out whether your business is committing one of the top three mistakes of corporate wellness programs (and what you can do to fix it.)

  1. The Passive Poster Mistake.  This is perhaps the oldest corporate wellness mistake in the book.  Over the weekend, the well-meaning manager hears about the many benefits of promoting good health in the workplace.  So, on Monday morning he comes in early to hang up some inspiring posters.  These motivational masterpieces feature fit individuals standing atop mountains or riding the rapids and encourage the reader to get moving, to go for it, or to achieve their goals.  The result?  Employees may notice the posters on day one, but they almost immediately blend into the background, having no effect at all.
    The solution: The key to a successful corporate wellness program is engagement.  Employees need to be actively involved in the move toward better health.
  2. The All-Inclusive “Generic” Approach.  Okay, so you’re certainly not as bad as the first example.  But what about this one?  The “Generic” Approach is founded in the best of intentions: get everyone involved, work towards the same goals as a team.  It sounds great, right?  But it doesn’t work.  The reality is that each one of your employees has different needs when it comes to their own health and improved wellness.  Putting everyone on the same track not only lacks the necessary engagement, but it also fails to address the specific needs of the would-be participants.
    The solution: A truly engaging program requires customization.  Participants need to be able to choose a course that fits their unique starting place, goals, and challenges.
  3. The Isolated Individual Error.  Sometimes, businesses try to correct the “Generic” Approach and end going overboard in the other direction.  “Alright,” they say, “Everyone needs to do their own thing!  Figure out your health goals and work towards them on your own!”  And that’s the end of the communication.  It’s easy to see why this is doomed to fail.  With minimal communication and no real accountability, even participants who begin strong will soon lose interest or motivation.
    The solution: An effective program needs to include consistent communication and a regular accountability system to encourage participants and help them track their progress towards their goals.  

How does your current corporate wellness program measure up?  In the comments section below, let us know if any of these mistakes resonated with you!  Then, contact Wellworks For You to find out more about engaging programs that promote health and wellness in the workplace in an effective way.  You can reach us at 1.800.425.4657.

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